As women and mothers we have taken the responsibility to make our lives more sustainable for the environment. It is an act of love towards future generations that we manifest through our choices both as consumers and as producers. If you also love making responsible choices when buying, we offer you our sustainable and ethical clothes.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" - Robert Swan

Materials certified for the absence of toxic substances

The OEKO-TEX control and certification system is an independent international system for the certification of finished, semi-finished products and materials. The OEKO_TEX standard 100 is based on the search for hundreds of toxic substances with the most modern analysis techniques.

The materials of Enerimonsters suits have this certification, from zips to fabrics. Therefore, you can be sure to buy a suit that respects your health and that of the planet.

Sustainability of products and production processes

The materials we use are 90% produced by Italian companies that use recycled and toxic free materials, that produce using processes with low water and energy consumption.

Our goal is to bring this percentage to 100% as soon as possible without sacrificing style and creativity.

Ethically clear positions

- Respect for workers : we are firmly against the exploitation of workers. We work with serious professionals who share our vision, who are treated with respect and trust, and who are fairly paid.

- Love for animals : we love animals and for this reason we produce clothes that do not use animal parts but only synthetic or vegetable fibers