Who we are


Enerimonsters is a company formed by women for women. Those who have carried out this commercial project know, from direct experience, what are the challenges that a woman must face every day and know, how difficult it is to reconcile work, love and self-care.

Our vision is that of a woman who is freer in dealing with every aspect of her day. A woman wearing a comfortable, versatile and ethical dresses, that are capable of making her feel elegant and in harmony with her life and with the environment: a chic and elegant dress of high quality.

To achieve this goal, we create reversible dresses with an elegant and a sporty side that allow women to quickly adapt their outfit to the different phases of the day (work, free time, sport, etc.). A comfortable and chic clothes with 100% made in Italy quality, handmade with environmentally sustainable materials.

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Our work

Enerimonsters is an Italian company born in 2020 that develops and sells its own models using a network of professional partners of Italian fashion.

The models are designed in Genoa and produced in a tailoring workshop in Milan. Enerimonsters also carefully researches and selects all materials from Italian producers who work ethically and produce sustainably.

Slow fashion

Exclusive and limited collections

High quality is difficult to pursue: it is necessary to carefully select the materials, test and readjust the prototypes and, above all, carry out expert tailoring with attention to detail. It is for this reason that Enerimonsters produces only exclusive collections with a few and highly selected items.

What is 100% made in Italy?

It is a quality mark that certifies that a garment was not only made in Italy but that its components, such as fabrics and zippers, are also made in Italy. Enerimonsters garments are 100% made in Italy.

We share the ethical values ​​of Slow Fashion

- Sustainability of processes and materials

- Respect for workers' rights

- Care for animals

Let's introduce Daniela and Cristina

The co-founders of Enerimonsters

Two Italian sisters, Daniela and Cristina, are the co-founders of Enerimonsters. They are two entrepreneurs, two mothers, two wives, two workers, two friends ... in other words, two typical busy women of today.

Daniela is a former basketball player, now a science teacher, with a background as a researcher and author of dozens of scientific publications in the biological field. She has been practicing Buddhism for over twenty years and loves to play tennis.

Cristina currently a municipal councilor, has been an entrepreneur who owns bars and discos for years. In the past she worked as a model and still today she has maintained an unbridled passion for fashion.

let's find out how they are born

The monsters of Enerimonsters

The monsters of Enerimonsters are born from the fantasy of an eight-year-old girl named Irene. In fact, Eneri stands for Irene written backwards. In the idea of ​​its creator, these are good monsters that serve to protect and keep bad things away, each with its own special power.